Rick Root, one of our RV Inspectors, inspecting the interior of a motorhome

Richard Root — Owner and Inspector

Rick Root is the owner and sole inspector of Rick’s Mobile RV Services LLC. The lasting memories with family and friends that are made while experiencing the country in an RV are unrivaled by any other mode of travel or means of accommodation.

Rick dedicates himself fully to his work as an RV inspector because he knows firsthand how blissful it is to take off on a long trip with a safe and comfortable home in tow. You can rest assured that Richard will help you make this a worthwhile investment, illuminating potential existing issues so that you’re able to take action now that will make your RVing experience all that much better in the future.

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Rick Root, one of our RV Inspectors, inspecting the exterior of a fifth wheel motorhome

An RV Inspector With an Illustrious Background and an Investigative Mind

Prior to becoming a professional RV inspector and technician, Rick led quite the storied career. Rick has more than 38 years of experience in the law enforcement (military & civilian), security, and inspection fields—getting his start as a Security Police Officer for the United States Air Force. As he progressed in his career development, it took him far and wide, including service as a use-of-force instructor, consultant on force-related policies, road patrol watch commander, expert witness, and private investigator.

These specific roles are just touching the surface, with his vast and varied leadership experience proving to be an invaluable asset to the work he does today.

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Serving Our Clients Capably & Proudly

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In addition to the full range of RV inspection services that we offer, Rick is also a Registered RV Technician who provides specialized maintenance assistance to clients who need help with the upkeep of their RVs

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An RV inspection is about giving you peace of mind as a prospective buyer, and you can depend on us to provide you with an unbiased, evidence-based report of our findings so that you have all of the key information on hand that will serve you in protecting your interests

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If you still have questions long after the inspection has been completed, that’s fine by us—we’ll be glad to speak with your over the phone at any time to provide the assistance you need

When he’s not performing inspections, Rick loves to travel in his own RV with his wonderful wife Dainn, and their two dogs—Lady and Dakota. Family means everything to him, and he cherishes every moment that he gets to spend with his two grandchildren, Leah and Hunter.

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Request Your RV Inspection

At Rick’s Mobile RV Services LLC, we offer a detail-oriented RV inspection that will help you make a more protected investment. Whether RVing is a new hobby or a way of life, we’ll do everything in our power to help you get on the road as soon as you’re ready without being sidelined by preventable issues. Contact us today to request an appointment.